If you are from North America and watched Tom Cruise in his heyday then you have seen Jerry Maguire and recognized instantly the second part of the title of this post.  If you haven’t seen the film it is worth watching. Even if you have you can see a short clip from the film that inspired the title of this post here and it is really worth watching!

Why such a title for a post? I am always intrigued when I see a spike in viewership from a particular country which today happened to be France and yesterday Argentina.  For previous posts it has been such countries as Oman, Great Britain and yesterday Brazil.  This leads me to wonder what is it about some posts that light a fire and others that only generate a little smoke?  There is a world of Neonatology to talk about and as the writer of this blog I do my best to find topics that I believe will be of broad interest to many.

As I have seen such spikes come and go I have come to the realization that perhaps there are topics that are of immense interest to the people of one country and others that quite simply fall flat.  Are they not pertinent as the technology being discussed for example is simply not available there or simply an uninteresting topic.

My goal has been and will continue to be to try and stimulate discussion or at least provoke some thought on a global basis and thereby create a global community for cross pollination of ideas.  With that being said, my question to the readers of this blog is what would you like to hear about?  I ask not because I am running out of ideas; on the contrary with each week of news stories and articles pertaining to Neonatology it seems like the topics are endless.  Rather my question stems from the realization that as I sit in my North American city my scope of what is important or relevant to Neonatal practice is somewhat limited.

I welcome your comments and thoughts for future posts! Although my goal was to provide some education to people who took the time out of their day to read these posts I now realize that I can ask the same of my readership.  Please educate me as to what is important or relevant to you!  I can not promise to write about every topic I receive but I will certainly try and pick ones over time that I feel I can write about.

Look forward to hearing from you!