10th Annual Dr JM Bowman Neonatal Research Symposium

Bowman and Hemodynamics Bowman page 2 copy

It is hard to believe that 10 years has passed since the first symposium!  This year we are focusing on Neonatal Hemodynamics which is transforming the way we think about the sick newborn.  As experience with this field of medicine advances we leave less up to trial and error and focus on treatments on the issue at hand.  By being able to visualize and measure flows, resistance and performance of the myocardium the typical path of treating hypotension for example is moving away from saline bolus X 2, dopamine then dobutamine and hydrocortisone. Rather we are now able to identify a myocardium that is struggling and provide milrinone or an underfilled heart  and give volume or identify that pulmonary hypertension has reared it’s ugly head and treat it accordingly.

I am not an expert in the use of Targeted Neonatal Echocardiography but am grateful to be working with one!  The symposium this year will expand greatly on this simplistic introduction I have provided here and demonstrate why a Neonatal Hemodynamics program can and will change the way your teams practice medicine in the NICU.  On October 29th we are delighted to hear from Dr. Saugstad who will discuss the current state of thought on the impact of oxygen in resuscitation.  Our second speaker Dr. Jobe will enlighten us on directions for care with respect to BPD.  These two world class researchers will surely impress!  The following two days will bring together experts in the field of TNE to discuss the use of NIRS to measure cerebral oxygenation (Dr. M. Wolf), TNE (Dr. P. McNamara) and Neonatal Hemodynamics and oxygenation by our own Dr. Y. Elsayed.  An optional workshop is available with limited space for those who want to achieve a greater appreciation of TNE application in the NICU.

We look forward to seeing you in Winnipeg October 29-31st and hope that you will leave here inspired and ready to begin developing similar capabilities where you practice.  We also hope to make this into a homecoming of sorts so if you are a former trainee from Winnipeg in particular please consider coming and sharing your experiences with us since you left your fellowship!