If you are in need of a good cry read this! Mom sees baby for the first time!

If you are in need of a good cry read this! Mom sees baby for the first time!

The following video is seemingly out of a science fiction story but it is reality and has made a world of difference for a mother and her newborn!


The story is the same.  You and your partner find out that you will be expecting a newborn in the near future.  You dream of what they might look like and dream about meeting them for the first time.  In the case of the mother in this video that was not the case as she suffers from Macular Degeneration.  A disease that typically affects people beyond the childbearing years but in her case afflicted her at an age way too soon.

Medical breakthroughs happen frequently and are wonderful to behold but this story caught my eye due to the impact of being able to restore something that we as parents hold so dear to us.  To be able to view our beautiful baby with our own eyes.  Thanks to an Ottawa company featured in the video this is now a reality for this mother.

As I sit and write this post with my beautiful children close by I can’t help but think how grateful I am to be able to take in their beauty.  This is something I never questioned I would be able to do but for some no doubt this was a dream. The difference is that thanks to http://www.esighteyewear.com/ a Canadian company this is now a reality.

I am not an Ophthalmologist but I have no doubt that such eyewear will transform the quality of life beyond this case as Macular Degeneration is something that many unfortunately live with.  If you know someone with MD you may wish to pass this along to them as it may change their life.