Ontario COVID-19 Documents

The Maternal-Neonatal COVID-19 General Guideline provides direction on key areas including: Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by Providers and Patients during Labour & DeliverySupporting People for Pregnant Patients during a Labour & Delivery...

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Canadian COVID-19 Practice Resources

We are living in challenging times but, as a community caring for neonates and their families, we will get through this together.  Canadians and others around the world are digesting a great deal of information in order to come up with a best...

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Is it safe to use my breast milk if I have COVID-19?

This is another hot topic out there as centers around the world struggle to determine how best to manage the mother who has contracted COVID-19 in pregnancy. There are resources out there already such as the CDC which states the following. The World Health...

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Fact or Fiction. Can a baby be born with COVID-19?

This week on social media this seemed to be a hot topic. What should we do to protect ourselves as we start to see more mothers infected or at least suspected of having COVID-19 presenting in labour. Should we be assuming all of these infants are infected and if so...

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Beating BPD. EPIQ Says We Can Do It But How?

Evidence-based Practice for Improving Quality or EPIQ is a collaborative group here in Canada that is producing incredible work to examine the evidence to come up with the best approaches for treating conditions. One such target has been bronchpulmonary dysplasia or...

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CPS Vancover 2020

This message is from our Neonatal-Perinatal Section President Dr. Chloe Joynt! Here we are together at last year's CPS meeting! At the end of this page you will find the full program for this year's conference in beautiful Vancouver. It would be great to have some of...

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