Flags of the world

I have been reminded this past week of the ability of the internet to connect people who would otherwise never be able to meet or at least write to one and other.  Not surprisingly the first responses to the blog came from Canada but within a day viewers in the US were soon added and to them many countries in the Middle East, Great Britain, Spain, Senegal, Turkey and Laos just to name a few.

I have been greatly encouraged by the feedback on the site and topics and your comments have led me to explore other websites and initiatives that I was naive to myself.  I see an incredible potential to disseminate ideas and in the future even collaborate on projects that people may be inspired to create.  There are approaches and technologies that are in practice all over the world that through sharing we may bring to our own shores.

I really just wanted to say thank you to the readers for your participation and I look forward to exploring the neonatal universe with you as we move along. I have received a few suggestions for topics and will be releasing the next post in the morning.  Until then I thought I would leave you with a tease of what is to come by congratulating the University Maternal Hospital Limerick for their accomplishment which was certainly newsworthy this week and I hope is replicated more and more throughout the world.  http://bit.ly/1AGYkPh

Have a great weekend everyone!